Rules of the 11th Discus Championship 2018 organised by the Discusvrienden during Vivarium (November, 24 - 25)

1. The 11th Discus Championship will take place during the 10th edition of Vivarium organised in Autotron Rosmalen (Graafsebaan 133, 5248 NL Rosmalen, Netherlands from November 24th till 25th, 2016. Those who take part must accept the rules.
2. It is an open championship: non-members of the Discusvrienden can take part.
3. Taking part is on your own responsibility. The committee can't be held responsible for any loss or damage that might occur to the fish.
4. For safety reasons, we advise the participants to bring their own equipment (net, buckets, tubes) for handling their fish at the end of the show. Debenching is only allowed when a responsable person from the committee is present.
5. The discus are put in 5 categories:
a. Solid Colour: e.g. blue diamond, marlborough reds, red melons, valentines etc ...
b. Patterned (Striated or striped if you prefer, e.g. snakeskins, turks and such and e.g. raffelesia's, mosaics and anything that has a pattern that isn't obvious striations or spots)
c. Spotted : e.g. leopards, penang eruptions
d. Wild type : wild caught
f. Open class : this is where any oddballs go, e.g. red/whites/various albinos etc
The number of categories can be adapted when necessary and if the number of fish that can or will be put in this category justifies it.
6. The category of the fish will be decided in dialog with the exhibitor/owner. In case of doubt, the advice of the jury will be asked and the final decision will be taken by the head of the jury. If the owner/exhibitor doesn't agree, he may withdraw his fish from the competition. If he does withdraw his fish he may opt to have the fish judged, however the fish will not be considered for any award. Please note that if a fish is withdrawn it must stay in the tank to avoid empty tanks at the show.
7. The fish are not fed during the show. It is advised not to feed the fish some days prior to the show to avoid fouling the water.
8. Entering fish:
a. The maximum number of fish per person is not specified. If there are more than 90 fish in the competition, the number of fish per person will be reduced percentage wise among those who entered more than 5 fish. The participants will be warned in advance.
b. Entry fee is €25 per fish and has to be paid in advance but at the latest on the day the fish are put in the tanks (prior to benching). You may pay directly into the bank account using these details: IBAN BE06 7895 7928 4422 and BIC GKCCBEB. You can also pay cash (in Euros) on arrival.
c. The category can be specified at any time up to one hour before judging.
9. The fish can be put in the aquariums on Thursday (November, 22nd) from 10 - 22.00hrs and on Friday from 10 - 12.00 hrs unless by prior arrangement with the committee. Keep in mind that the judging will take place on Friday, November 23th from 13.00 - 16.00hrs (end: approx).
10. It is not allowed to bring your own water or to add additives for the 'comfort' of your fish. Neither is it allowed to alter or add extra light. The data on the water parameters will be available later, the latest mid October. The real or exact values will be confirmed one week ahead of the show as they can vary slightly from these given mid October.
11. The tank measures approx 35x40x80 cm. There is a separator between the fish and the compartment with the pump and heating element (furnished by the club). There will be a layer of gravel. Light is the same for all tanks (LED, approximately 5700°K).
12. The judging will be on Friday, November 23th starting at 13.00hrs. By 12.00hrs at the latest, all participants have to leave the hall to let the judges do their work.
13. The judging is anonymous, only a number on the tank will be displayed. The names are put on the tanks after the judging has been done and all the results are known. It is not allowed to put any more information on the tanks then the information put on by the committee.
14. The fish will be judged following the “Discusevaluationform” shown below.
15. In general, there are trophies for every first, second and third place. However, if there are not enough participants in a specific category, the number of trophies can differ (with still a maximum of three).
16. The prize winning ceremony is on Sunday, November, 25th at 14.00hrs. The winners will get their trophy then (if present).
17. Opening hours for the public:
On Saturday and Sunday (November 24th and 25th): from 10 - 17.00 hrs (opening hours of Vivarium!)
18. The fish have to be collected on Sunday, November, 25th from 17.00 hrs on but not later than 20.00 hrs unless by prior agreement with the committee. Fish that are not collected, become property of the club.
19. In case of any disagreement, the chairman of the Discusvrienden will make the final decision, if necessary in dialogue with the head of the jury (or his substitute). The final decision is theirs.
20. Participation has to be confirmed by the chairman of the Discusvrienden (through mail at or on this web site.
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